Weapons that the midnighters use against darklings primarily involve the number 13 and its multiples or squares, tridecalogisms (thirteen-letter words), and modern metals like steel. As the polymath, Dess is the main creator of weapons and the brain behind their names. Jessica's flame-bringer talent means that she does not use traditional antidarkling weapons as often but instead uses flashlights and flares.

Notable WeaponsEdit

  • Acariciadote (Jess's bracelet)
  • Jessica's flashlights
  • Rex's boot anklets
  • Rex's rings
  • Jonathan's neck chain
  • Jessica's necklace
  • Melissa's hubcap
  • The knives of the Darkling Manor battle
  • Jonathan's sheild
  • Dess's microphone-stand spear
  • The chain-link fence that Jess unknowingly charged in her first pschokitty encounter
  • The structure of the new Aerospace Oklahoma building