Madeline is the old mindcaster who hid in a contortion in midnight, making it so the darklings couldn't find her. She was around at the time the lore ended, and there are rumors that Madeline was the one who told the Grayfoot boys about midnight, revealing the midnighters to the Darkilings.

Touching DarknessEdit

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After having strange dreams, Dess found Geostationary, her father's hand held GPS, which told her the exact coordinates of important structures, such as the midnighter's houses. After fiddling with the machine, Dess stumbled onto a theoretical "shadow" of midnight, which meant the mindcaster's magic wouldn't work in that spot. So Dess decided to explore what lay hidden in that place.

When Dess arrived at Madeline's house, she didn't know what to expect, but the tridecagrams all over the house reassured her. When she had the nerve to approach the house, the door opened, Madeline claiming, "It's taken you long enough."

In the house, Madeline showed Dess maps of the contortions in midnight. She served Dess bitter tea, notably with milk, but no sugar. It is revealed Madeline is a mindcaster, like Melissa, but somehow she either didn't know or ignored the fact that Dess doesn't like tea. When Dess found out, Madeline teased Dess because of her "fine grasp of the obvious."

Madeline blamed air conditioning and television for the decline of the midnighters. According to her, when the parents stayed in during the summer to watch television, the children played troubling games that included "cruelty and dominance and, most importantly, exclusion." This led a young midnighter, possibly Madeline herself, to reveal the truth. Because of that, the daylighters tried to communicate with the Darklings by moving stones. When that failed, they brought a young seer known as Anathea. She became the halfling.

The daylighters moved to Broken Arrow. They were part of the Grayfoot family.

Blue NoonEdit

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