Melissa is a Midnighter in Bixby, Oklahoma.

Abilities Edit

She is a Mindcaster, which means she has the powers of telepathy and mental manipulation. She describes the sensations of emotions to taste. Mostly, this talent overwhelms her and she is disgusted by physical touch, though learned to tolerate it in the second book. She relishes the blue-time, for all humans except for Midnighters are silent, and there are no encroaching thoughts to listen to. Melissa has stated that she preferred the thoughts of Darklings, for they are older and have a different type of taste.

The Secret HourEdit

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At first, Melissa was very distant to Jessica and didn't pay much attention to anything. It was later found that this was because of her ability overwhelming her at Bixby High School.

She has described "tasting" thoughts and emotions, saying she tastes that Darklings and Slithers taste very old.

Touching DarknessEdit

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Melissa starts practicing touching human beings during daylight with Rex. This helps her cope with other human's thoughts as well.

Blue Noon Edit

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