Rex Greene is the only natural-born midnighter. He has a close relationship with Melissa, being the first other midnighter he met. He is a seer, meaning he can interpret lore symbols left from past generations of midnighters.

The Secret Hour Edit

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In the first book, after they save Jessica Day from the darkling, dubbed psychokitty, Rex asks Jess to meet him, Dess, and Melissa at the city museum. Once there, they tell her almost everything they know about Midnight. He tries to figure out her talent, but she was nothing he knew of.

At the end of the book, they take Jess to the Snake Pit and go to the lore stone to figure out what Jess's talent is. It is determined through the lore symbols that she is the Flamebringer, which means she can use technology in the blue-time.

Touching Darkness Edit

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In the second book, strange things happen, starting with finding a place they call "Darkling Manor." Inside they see that all the metal has been torn out and they find a box of domino like objects with lore symbols on them. While they are looking at the lore cards, a man and woman come in, later identified as Ernesto Greyfoot and Angie. They flee to the house across the street, where they fend off a darkling attack by the halfling, or half darkling half seer, and its minions.

Near the end, Rex gets captured by Greyfoot and the other "Darkling Groupies" and he is changed into the new halfling. Jessica saves him by burning off the darkling part of him with a flashlight, and he and Melissa meet up again in the hospital. Rex scares away the Greyfoots by leaving them the message of "You're next" spelled out in dominoes, arranged around the dead body of Anathea, the former halfling-seer.

Blue NoonEdit

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Physical Description Edit

Rex, like some of the other midnighters, wears black. He wears black cowboy boots with anti-darkling metal around them. He also wears anti-darkling rings in the Secret Hour. Before becoming the halfling, he has thick glasses he wears during the daylight hours due to the fact that everything is a big blur, except things touched by midnight.

After becoming half darkling, his behavior is influenced by darkling tendencies. He no longer needs glasses due to darkling sight. He wears gloves to avoid touching metal after his transformation. His hair is dyed black, and is shaggy until being cut after it was singed during the halfling transformation.

Personality Edit

In parts of the trilogy, Rex seems to think he is better than the other midnighters. The others often comment on his "seer knows best attitude". He takes control of the group and becomes their leader.

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